Pitaya-Bot is an easy to use, fast and lightweight test server framework for Pitaya. The goal of pitaya-bot is to provide a basic development framework for testing pitaya servers via integration tests or stress tests.


  • No code writing - Pitaya-Bot only needs JSON specs and a configuration YAML, in order to work. It is simple to create and test directly into any environment, be it development or production.
  • Concurrency - Configurable number of instances, which will run the tests.
  • Monitoring - Pitaya-Bot is configurable to work with Prometeus. It allows the user to see metrics of the server, which the tests are being run. This way, it is possible to run stress or integration tests.
  • Communication - Communication between server and client enabled for TCP via JSON.
  • Handler Support - Support handler messages, to emulate the behaviour of customers using Pitaya.
  • Summary - At the end of the tests, returns if the requests made have the expected responses. Perfect for testing idempotence of the server.

Who’s Using it

Well, right now, only us at TFG Co, are using it, but it would be great to get a community around the project. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

How To Contribute?

Just the usual: Fork, Hack, Pull Request. Rinse and Repeat. Also don’t forget to include tests and docs (we are very fond of both).