Command Options

Pitaya-Bot is a CLI application, that has many command options, which will be described below by topic. We judge the default values are good for most cases, but might need to be changed for some use cases. The default verbosity for the application logger is Debug.


Base configuration needed to run pitaya-bot

Command Command Letter Default value Type Description
config   ./config/config.yaml string Config file path from pitaya-bot
dir d ./specs/ string Specs directory
duration   1m time.Duration Minimum total duration of tests
report-metrics   false bool Enable/Disable metrics reporter
pitaya-bot-type t local string Pitaya-Bot workflow type that will be executed. It can be: local, local-manager, remote-manager, deploy-manager, delete-all
delete   false bool Delete all pods, config maps, jobs and deployements before run. Only available when pitaya-bot-type is local-manager or remote-manager.


These are logging configurations

Command Command Letter Default value Type Description
verbose v 3 int Logger verbosity level => v0: Error, v1=Warning, v2=Info, v3=Debug
logJSON j false bool Enable/Disable logJSON output mode